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"Health, the UN recognizes the value of the Mediterranean diet"

  • Thursday, December 20 2018
  • Author: Anna Maria Liguori

Cease the UN for parmesan, ham and olive oil. The General Assembly today adopted in New York a UN Resolution on "global health and nutrition" which contains operative indications aimed at promoting healthy diets and lifestyles and to tackle the problem of malnutrition and bad alimnation: the Bowl Resolution , unlike the first text presented last November 12 at the Palazzo di Vetro, the need to adopt labels on packaging and higher taxation to deter the consumption of so-called "harmful foods" for salt, sugar and fat. Thanks also to the efforts of the Italian delegation, the text - adopted with 157 votes in favor, two no and one abstention - calls on Member States to promote "healthy diets and lifestyles, including physical activity, through actions and policies to in progress all the commitments related to nutrition, including those taken by the Heads of State and Government at the summits on non-communicable diseases and the WHO ".

The UN has approved the resolution text on the fight against non-communicable diseases by revising the labeling model, moving from the so-called traffic light model, indicating the "goodness" or "dangerousness" of food (reports for 100 grams of food the content in fats, saturated fats, salt and sugars and highlights with high traffic colors, medium and low intensity values) to the "nutritional" one in which the percentage of nutrients is simply reported to visualize the nutritional components such as calories, fat , sugars and salt.

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