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"Today is the birthday of the Mediterranean Diet:" Example of a sustainable diet that is good for health and the planet ""

  • Friday, November 16 2018
  • Author: Filomena Fotia

Only XNUMX years ago (XNUMX November XNUMX) UNESCO recognized the Mediterranean Diet as "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity". In the Mediterranean area (and not only) we know it and adopt it for much longer and today is one of the most sustainable food models, able to help our health as well as the environment. We are talking about a real "elixir of long life", as confirmed by an international study according to which it can have a decisive impact on longevity, with an impact that can be compared to what is observed between smokers and non-smokers. A high adherence to this diet, compared to those who adopt other food models, can result in about XNUMX years [XNUMX] more life expectancy ... besides boasting a moderate environmental impact. A combination of health and sustainability, which can be summarized in the Double Environmental Food Pyramid, created by the Barilla Center for Food & amp; Nutrition (BCFN). A graphic model that, alongside the classic food pyramid, is accompanied by a new "environmental" pyramid (inverted) in which foods are classified according to their ecological footprint, ie the impact that their production can have on the environment. The Double Pyramid will be one of the topics discussed at the XNUMX ° International Forum on Nutrition and Nutrition, which will be held in Milan on XNUMX and XNUMX November at the Pirelli HangarBicocca.

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