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"The Mediterranean diet is good for health: the results of scientific research illustrated in Cuneo"

  • Thursday, November 22 2018

The Mediterranean diet, combined with a modest physical activity, reduces the possibility of getting cancer. Not only that: it also makes treatments for patients more effective. Marco Merlano, director of the Medical Oncology of the S. Croce and Carle Hospital in Cuneo, remembers this by illustrating some scientific studies presented at a recent congress in Lübeck: "Studies on the importance of quality of life date back to 30 years ago, but they have never been sufficiently publicized unlike pharmacological treatments. A healthy and varied diet and a bit of constant physical activity allows the population of bacteria that inhabit the colon to better govern the subject's ability to respond positively to immunotherapy ".

Olive oil, vegetables, legumes, fruit, nuts and unrefined cereals are the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet that has long been considered healthy and balanced.
It can help reduce the risk of many types of cancer due to the great variety of foods and the low intake of super-refined ones. Although the golden rule does not exist, the negative nutrients are the so-called "whites", ie sugar, flour and salt.

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