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  • Friday, July 07 2017
  • Author: Allegra Germani

Low environmental impact, healthy from a nutritional point of view and economically accessible. These are just some of the aspects that have made the Mediterranean diet, the most sustainable diet.

For years we have been talking about a Mediterranean diet, but only recently has this been no longer just a synonym for a healthy and balanced diet, but also a sustainable diet. The concept of sustainability has been at the center of international debates for decades and now, with its times, it is becoming increasingly clear and is increasingly acquiring its importance even among us, mere mortals.

What is meant by sustainability

First of all, when we talk about sustainability we are talking about sustainable development, that is «a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the possibility of future generations to satisfy their own» (from the Brundtland Report). This definition is quite clear and on the basis of this, every company will be able to achieve the goal of sustainability, bearing in mind that sustainable development is something in constant change, keeping pace with present and future needs.

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