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"The role of Europe for the future of the Mediterranean Diet"

  • Friday, December 07 2018

A meeting of international researchers in the European Parliament.

Defending and promoting Mediterranean food style is one of the main actions that can be taken today for the health of European citizens. This is why international researchers, gathered in Brussels in the European Parliament, have called for the establishment of a European Day of the Mediterranean Diet, dedicated to the promotion of this lifestyle in the member countries.

At the meeting, entitled "Mediterranean Diet: the secret of a longer life in the time of globalization", sponsored by IRCCS Neuromed of Pozzilli (IS) participated Professor Giovanni de Gaetano, President of IRCCS Neuromed, researchers of the Department of Epidemiology and Prevention of the same institute, the Spanish researcher Ramon Estruch, and the Greek scholar Dimosthenis Panagiotakos. They were joined by European parliamentarians and exponents of the world of agri-food production.

Cardiovascular diseases and tumors represent the two great killers of the Western world, with over 60 percent of deaths attributable to these two major chronic diseases. To these are added, and will become increasingly important with the lengthening of the average life, neurodegenerative diseases. All these pathologies have a complex origin, in which an intricate interaction between genetics and the environment comes into play, in which lifestyle has a crucial role. Abstention from smoking, physical activity, nutrition are the three pillars on which to build the future of one's health.

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