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"Mediterranean Diet: Lesson (and dishes) by Alessandro Circiello at the Italian Embassy in Brussels"

  • Sunday, December 02 2018

On the occasion of the 3rd Edition of the Italian Cooking Week, Italy's Ambassador to Belgium Elena Basile hosted a lunch in the Residence during which the renowned Chef Alessandro Circiello illustrated the characteristics of the Mediterranean Diet.

The evening was an opportunity to taste some examples of healthy Mediterranean cuisine, widely recognized as a model of food for health benefits, such as the prevention of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. At lunch there were numerous representatives of the press and of the Belgian authorities, including the President of the Chamber Siegfried Bracke, the Federal Minister for Mobility François Bellot and the Governor of the Province of Namur Denis Mathen, as well as numerous representatives of the Belgian society, the economic world and Belgian cultural, as the writer David Van Reybrouck, author of the book '' Congo '', (awarded the Rome Prize last April). The representatives of the major Italian economic realities present in the country were also present, together with the institutional partners of the Italian Cuisine Week, such as Ice and the Belgo-Italian Chamber of Commerce, and a large number of Ambassadors belonging to the Group Gastronomique des Ambassadeurs.

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