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"Mediterranean diet was born in Calabria"

  • Thursday, November 01 2018
  • Author: Martina Forciniti

It took years but finally the international scientific community recognized Calabria as the paternity of the Mediterranean diet. This was communicated by the regional councilor Orlandino Greco. Through the Seven Countries Study, begun by Ancel Keys in Minnesota in the 1947 and concluded through field investigations in the 1957 in Nicotera (VV), Nicotera is recognized as the "Italian Mediterranean Diet of reference". Already classified among the most famous brands in the world, UNESCO heritage, the Mediterranean Diet today becomes, thanks to the commitment of the Calabria Region, one of the greatest attractors of our territories. A business card, also recognized by international tabloids; which is bringing our excellence, peculiarities and nutritional value to the rest of the world. Great impetus was given by the approval of the Law by the Region on the "Valorisation of the Mediterranean Diet". Which highlighted the social and cultural value of this food practice.

After decades, the paternity is recognized to Calabria, the international scientific community Beyond 70 years and through a long series of cases and documentation collected over the years, the foods and the lifestyle based on the Mediterranean diet can be found and traced exactly where this is born, in Calabria. Scientifically, therefore, only "our" foods possess the nutritional requirements that validate the beneficial aspects of the diet, specific organoleptic properties calculated through the Mediterranean Adequacy Index (IAM), which becomes the basis for the classification of products that will be recognized through a brand identity. At the base of the Law there is the promotion of correct nutritional models that help to prevent chronic degenerative diseases and the availability of raw materials that meet the criteria of safety, quality and food integrity to maintain and improve health.

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