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"Good, healthy, right Mediterranean diet to live long"

  • Tuesday, December 04 2018
  • Author: Laura Montanari

In Italy, the 36,8 percent of the boys among the 5 and 19 years is overweight, a figure that grows among adults. "It is a mistake not to consume pasta, oil and vegetables". Scientists compared today and tomorrow at the Barilla Forum in Milan

Turning back, to the roots from which we moved away: at the table with the Mediterranean diet, an antidote to many diseases and elixirs of long life, or the risk is to face health problems. In Italy, 36,8 per cent of children and young people between the ages of five and nineteen are overweight. A figure that in adults rises to 58 percent, and in Greece becomes the 60 percent. If the balance squirts upwards it is almost never a good sign. Overweight and obesity, as well as wrong food choices and an improper lifestyle, have negative effects on our well-being, with risks of diabetes and cardiovascular problems. The enemies in the field range from saturated fats to very sugary drinks, from low-fiber foods to the usual junk food. On these issues a parterre of international scientists is confronting, today and tomorrow, the International Forum on Nutrition and Nutrition held in Milan at the Pirelli Hangar Bicocca. "It would be a double mistake to abandon the Mediterranean diet," explains Gabriele Riccardo, endocrinologist and professor at the University Federico II of Naples, "first because it is proven that makes living longer on average, not surprisingly Italy is the second most long-lived after Japan and then for the health of the environment ".

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