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"Al Calandra Italian American Institute the Mediterranean diet in all sauces"

  • Thursday, 6th October 2016
  • Author: Angelo Pennati

At the City University of New York, a day dedicated to our culinary tradition and its many cultural, political and economic aspects

Just like today's symposium, the history of the Mediterranean diet follows a well-defined narrative, which starts from science and reaches the economy and politics. Analyzing its contents, benefits, products, policies and economics does not only make us more aware of what we eat, but rather pushes us towards a much more comprehensive conception of food and diet. It allows us to understand the totalitarian impact of food, its importance, not only on a healthy level, but on a corporate and national level. International experts discussed it at the Calandra.

It's not a secret. Food is certainly among the things that the world envies more to our land. For decades now, the Mediterranean diet, stealing the name of the rich sea that surrounds our peninsula, has appropriated millions of different taste buds, capturing them with the complexity and sweetness of its boundless tastes. For this reason, at the Calandra Italian American Institute in New York, a beacon of Italian culture in America, the 23 October was held a symposium oriented on the discussion of our marvelous culinary tradition.

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