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Moments of great conviviality, expressions of the close bond between man and nature, events of "rich and constructive sociality" and "experiences of common life" that unite different cultures, facilitate social peace, the rediscovery of common roots, the enhancement of ancient traditions of the peoples of the Mediterranean. The festivals, as well as the Spanish romerías, the Greek panigirias and the Moroccan mussems, represent a fundamental component of the culture of the Mediterranean Diet. During these popular festivals, generally linked to seasonality, the different moments of the year and the products of the earth are celebrated, therefore the rhythms of nature, and at the same time traditions and values ​​strongly rooted in the identity of the different Mediterranean communities are renewed and relationships are established with "foreigners", strengthening the millennial dialogue between different cultures. In this context, food takes on a particular function of cultural medium, both among different peoples and between man and the nature that surrounds him.

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