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Biodiversity is the different types of life that inhabit the earth, and it is measured by genes, species, plant life and ecosystems. This variation does not refer exclusively to form and structure of life; it also includes the diversity in terms of abundance, distribution and interaction between different components of the system. Thanks to the varying seeding, depending on the area and crop rotation, the Mediterranean diet respects biodiversity and the land, assuring a balance between mankind and nature and the development of traditional activities in the world of craftsmanship, fishing and agriculture.

mipaaf createsMeddiet - The portal of the Mediterranean Diet "is a project of the University of Rome Unitelma Sapienza, made with ccontribution of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies - Ministerial Decree n. 93824 of 30 December 2014 and updated in 2018 in collaboration with CREA - Food and nutrition research center.

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